Named after Gouda, a city in the western Netherlands & today produced all over the world. Holland's most famous cheese, Gouda has a mild, nutty flavor similar to Edam. Young Gouda has a more mild flavor and the cheese gets stronger as it ages. Round traditional wheel shaped Gouda is produced with a rind of wax or plastic coating. Blocks are often produced rindless and is one of the most common cheeses for processing and slicing in Europe.

Gouda is produced in wheels 4,5kg & 12kg, loafs ca 3kg and blocks 15kg.

Our mild-fine Gouda Cheese loaf is manufactured in Germany from fresh pasteurized milk.
It's a natural cheese without rind and packed in airtight cryovac to protect the cheese.

Our Gouda wheels are produced in Holland, coated in wax, with or without different flavoring.

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