Mammen Cheese A/S is the commercial export company for the cheeses produced by Mammen Dairy A/S. Mammen Dairy has 3 dairy plants located in Denmark. These dairies are producing Blue Cheese, Havarti Cheese, Danbo, Samsoe, White / Salad Cheese and Combi White Cheese (vegetable fat based Salad Cheese). Mammen Dairy, and it's family owners have been producing cheese with proud traditions since 1911. Today Mammen Dairy is the largest privately owned dairy in Denmark.

Besides marketing products from our own production on the world market, we also market a lot of other cheese specialties from other Danish dairies and the European Union. Through our extensive network we cooperate with dairy plants all across EU. That makes us capable of providing a full service solution for European Cheese specialties by consolidating all your cheese needs in the same container or truck. Whether you require cheese from Denmark, Germany, Holland, Austria, Italy, Spain, UK etc. you only need to make one stop to finish all your shopping.

As far as products manufactured outside the European Union are concerned, we are also capable of offering cheeses shipped directly from e.g. our sister company in Chicago/USA. Mozzarella, Cheddar and Cream Cheese are our best moving US cheeses.

At Mammen Cheese we pride ourselves in delivering the highest quality cheeses at the most competitive cost utilizing the most efficient supply chain.  Since 1911 we have build our knowledge and background in the dairy business, with intimate knowledge about products, markets, legislation, trends etc.

We are managing the entire commercial transaction from production, sales, financing, logistics and export documentation.

•   We know cheese
•   We understand cheese
•   We are passionate about cheese

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